About Executive Education at WeSchool Management Development Center  

Whether driven by the changing market dynamics, the desire to stay ahead of competition, to grow further in the organisation or to take the business to the next level, an increasing number of senior managers and executives are enrolling at themselves for executive education courses at reputable B-Schools such as WeSchool.

We also see a lot more younger employees joining corporates with aspirations of moving up the career ladder quickly. At the same time, organisations need able leaders at all levels to align with the company’s growth strategy. These intersecting interests are driving the creation of more executive education programs customised for the organisation’s needs.

Executive education at WeSchool is via customised programs tailored to suit the specific needs of corporates as well as open-enrolment programs for individual employees/professionals who wish to qualify themselves and enhance their knowledge and skills with all the time constraints they have at work- typically, for those who cannot spare 6 days a week for a 3-year part-time program of the University. The curriculum is upgraded year after year and, with best of faculties and infrastructural support, the participants come out more confident, more proactive and so more useful to their organisations.

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