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  InfosysBPO - Junior Management Leadership Program at Bengaluru Campus  
  Introduction to JMPL
The Infosys - Junior Management Leadership Program (JMLP) is a unique corporate education program, by Welingkar, which is specially designed for INFOSYS BPO members.

The JMLP aims
1. To provide a broad based management education to the employees so as to equip
     them to move into the next layer of management and also provide a broader view of
     the business. The programme ensures exposure in the areas of Management and
     business related subjects with special focus in the industry.
2. To build a strong Junior management team capable of handling the multiple projects
     and manage the large work force at the Associate level
3. In specific, to provide rigorous training and higher education to the B2/B3 stream
     executives to prepare them for taking up the responsibilities when they move to the
     Cx, Cy positions.

How is this different from any other business education program?
1. 18 month program customized to your specific organization (Infosys BPO)
2. Program specifically designed to help employees move up their careers & prepare
     them proactively for their next role.
3. A special focus on ITES/BPO
4. Participants will be awarded a "Diploma in Management" by Welingkar
5. Flexible class schedules conducted at INFOSYS Campus
6. Enriched inputs from reputed academicians from all over the country
7. Involvement of the top-management of Infosys BPO to relate classroom theory to
     application - especially inside Infosys

Program Structure & Details
1. The program is spread across 18 months
2. Classes every alternate Saturdays & Mondays at Infosys Campus itself
3. 14 modules (subjects) covering every area of business – Operations, Finance,
     Marketing, HR, and general management.
4. Methodology of teaching - SKILL GAP building; Continuous learning through various
     business cases, assignments, presentations, group discussions etc.

For more specifics on your eligibility, schedules, course fees and all other support - please write to

  Post Graduate Program in Management Studies for Working Executives  
  This Program is designed specifically for working executives with 3 - 4 years of work experience after Graduation.

It is ideal for people who cannot attend a regular full time MBA or the 3 year part time MBA for want of time.

The syllabus covers all the core subjects of regular programs.

The program is offered in a modular form consisting of six modules viz. Human Resources , Finance, General Management, Marketing , Operations and Project Work. Each module will be for 144 hours.

Those completing all modules successfully will be awarded a Certificate for Post Graduate Program in Management Studies.

Fees : Rs 30,000/- per module.
            Rs 1,75,000/- for all six modules.

Classes will be held on Week ends.

At the time of application you will be required to bring,
  1. One photograph
  2. Rs 1,000/- for the application form
  3. Copies of Testimonials including Work experience certificate
  Advanced Management Program for Bankers (AMP)  
  A joint program between the Welingkar Institute of Management and the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance

Program Eligibility
Graduates with relevant experience in the banking industry for at least 5 years

Application Process
Those interested in participating in the program will be required to purchase the application form for Rs. 1000/- either by cash or DD, drawn in favour of, ‘Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai.’ The duly filled form along with the necessary documents will have to be submitted at the Institute’s Mumbai campus only.

Selection Procedure
Participants will be selected via nomination by the Bank’s management and vetted by the Welingkar Institute of Management.


A Unique Competitive Advantage
On completion of the course the participants will receive AMP certification indicating credit hours completed.

Program Design and Structure
Total of 345 hrs of input + project work
Duration 10 months + project work

At the time of application you will be required to bring,

1. One photograph
2. Rs 1,000/- for the application form
3. Copies of Testimonials including Work experience certificate

For any further assistance please contact MDC liaison office.

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  Balancing Worklife  
“Ready to take on the world”, a mantra of most women working professionals in the 21st century. But are they indeed ready.

The 21st century has witnessed a transformation in the traditional roles played by a woman. From merely being efficient home- makers to juggling both responsibilities at work and at home effectively today’s working women undoubtedly carry more than just a dual responsibility.

With the joint family system dissolving giving rise to smaller nuclear families, bringing up children single handed is posing a problem to most of the working mothers in India.

With the role of a woman in the society changing drastically over the last two decades and career options and possibilities widening, women of the 21st century are facing more responsibilities in their daily lives.

The demands of both environments work and home and the difficulties faced in fulfilling them is one of the reasons why women in India today are facing stagnation in their corporate careers between the age of 35-40 years.

At the same time, the traditionally male dominated corporate world is also opening up to women managers and executives with the shift in the style of management from hard to soft. This trend is bound to continue and accelerate in the next millennium opening up great possibilities for women able to manage time and responsibility in their daily lives, effectively balancing their home and work place.

Welingkar Institute of management presents, for the women managers and leaders of today, an empowerment programme, that will enable them to manage time for handling work and home effectively.

Presenting “Balancing of Priorities for Working Women at Home and Work to Enhance Organizational Productivity”, a program for the working women of today.

For any further assistance please contact MDP liaison office.
Contact Details:
Tel: 24198300,
Extn: 8141/ 8148/ 8146/ 8147/ 8375
  Senior Management Program (SMP)  
In keeping with the credo of developing and upgrading human resources, the Management Development Centre of Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai is offering a program for Senior Managers and Departmental Heads titled, Senior Management Program(SMP) in line with U.S. B Schools.

The Senior Management Program is a 380 hrs (spread over 11 months), two semester program for senior managers with at least 6-8 years of executive experience.

It focuses on developing a portfolio of personal skills, professional competence and a strategic perspective on management of the organisation.

While the first semester lays emphasis on General Management, the second semester offers specialisation in Marketing and Sales Management, Financial Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management and Development, Banking and Financial Services, Advertising and Public Relations and Retail Management.

Currently a batch of 25 participants from various fields like media, manufacturing, healthcare and other service sectors are at the end of their second semester.

Our learning model is based on interactive lecture sessions, class presentations, case study analysis and term work. This offers a unique opportunity for both individual and collective learning.

The impact is both immediate and long term with participants taking back valuable experience to their organisations.

We are planning to start a new batch in August / December every year. Selection will be based on Written test & Personal Interview.

The fees for the entire program will be Rs. 75,000/- .

This Autonomous Program of Welingkar Institute is well received by the first batch of participants..

At the time of application you will be required to bring,

1. One photograph
2. Rs 1,000/- for the application form
3. Copies of Testimonials including Work experience certificate

  WISE-Welingkar Study Group
Women in Industry, Society and Economy
Welingkar invites women with the enthusiasm to study, grow constantly and the will to reach within themselves and realize their full potential to join the WISE Study Group.

The primary goal of WISE is to understand economic developments and their impact on society, family and individual.

The pedagogy followed will be news analysis to understand implications of the weekly developments. Topic of the Month will be identified for deeper insights, followed by guest speakers from the industry, where relevant.

The Group will meet once a week on Thursdays between 10.30 am and 1.30 p.m. at Welingkar Institute Campus in Matunga.

For any further assistance please contact MDP liaison office.
Contact Details:
Tel: 24198300,
Extn: 8141/ 8148/ 8146/ 8147/ 8375
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