Prof. Dr. V H Iyer
Dean MDC
We live in a highly competitive business Environment. The market demands competitiveness and also puts a premium on the same .This in turn puts a great deal of emphasis on upgradation and learning. Not a simple task considering the ever Increasing domains of knowledge that one has to keep pace with, not to mention the various new skill-sets required in the modern.

As challenging as it is for the individual to keep pace with the need to learn, it is equally challenging for business schools to provide as many contemporary learning tools as are required by the market. Welingkar's MDC has responded to the market needs by going away from the conventional model of short and standard MDP's towards providing a broad array of learning tools based on a thorough understanding of diverse learning needs of executives of corporate clients .Welingkar's MDC today provides a broad spectrum of Learning solutions, each tailored to perfection.

In addition to a wide array of standard MDP's we offer short hi-impact programs having developed through understanding on functional verticals , long term general Management programs aimed at junior/middle executives to long-term customised programs for specific industry verticals .This is in addition to the PGPMS program, our specialised two year executive MBA equivalent.

So, here's an opportunity to move forward into meaningful programs aimed at greater effectiveness of managers at all levels.

Happy learning!
Prof. Dr. V H Iyer

Prof. A.K.Narasimha Prasad
Head, MDC
As the corporate mantra "Change is the only constant", today's business is characterized by constant change and dynamism in every sphere. Hence, it becomes imperative for managers to continuously educate and update themselves and their teams, to develop contemporary thinking, exchange ideas and gain insights from a diverse range of peers.

The Management Development Programmes (MDPs) are aimed at enhancing various behavioural and technical competencies amongst managers and executives working at different levels. For this purpose, the Management Development Centre (MDC) at We School, Bangalore considers its role of imparting training and development to corporate executives, through MDPs, customized in-house programmes and consultancy, as an important activity in Executive Education.

The MDPs at We School, Bangalore are specifically designed to reflect the evolving realities of business and management practices & its applications so that it adds knowledge and skill to the participants, gives participants the perspectives required to revolutionize the way an enterprise achieves its objectives and also act as a catalyst in enhancing the career development goals and aspirations of an individual in an organisation.

So let us be a part of your learning culture, let us be a stakeholder in your success, let us be the pathfinder in your journey!

Prof. A.K.Narasimha Prasad
Head, MDC
Executive Education & Faculty - Operations
We School, Bangalore
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