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  Welingkar MDC offers an array of learning solutions. Each of these programs/initiatives is designed for specific organizational needs:-  
Autonomous Post Graduate Program in Management Studies (PGPMS) for corporates/working executives
Star Performers Program
Long-term Programs
Retail Programs
Short-term Programs
International Programs
Broad Areas of Consultancy Services
Outbound MDP
  Autonomous Post Graduate Program in Management Studies (PGPMS) for corporates/working executives  

With our extensive experience and thorough academic background, we tailor specific Autonomous PG Programs for organizations for a batch of maximum 30 participants. These programs are focused on specific organizational needs along with general management skills.

Autonomous Post Graduate Program engages participants in a comprehensive integrated curriculum conducive to extensive interaction among themselves and with the faculty - creating a stimulating learning environment which enables participants to:

  • Create value by their actions at multiple levels for themselves, others, their enterprises and economies. In fact, the creation and sustainability of value is the essence of any enterprise
  • Broaden and sharpen their perspectives with respect to important social, cultural, political and economic factors that influence the global business environment
  • Understand the importance of a management framework comprized of functional experience, shared values, teamwork and ethical leadership
  • Develop and enhance their abilities to lead with vision, wisdom and integrity while encouraging others to do the same
  • Develop and select strategies for competitive advantage
  • Respond to the challenges of a competitive global environment
  • Build responsibilities and management systems to foster co-ordination across functions
  • Understand, manage and lead the change process
  • Rethink business processes, engage in system thinking
The Welingkar autonomous PGPMS is a focused general management program aimed at adding value to working executives by giving them a strong foundation of management concepts and theory. The program is designed in a way to make use of the working experience of the individual to support the teaching and add new perspectives to his/her experience. Many corporate houses like Mahindra & Mahindra, Kalpataru Group, Bayer India Group, RBS are already making the most of it through this unique program.

The modular program is spread over a period of 18 months, conducted on weekends, is currently in two forms- a general PGPMS program and one tailored specifically for professionals from the growing BPO/ IT/ ITES/ Banking/ Manufacturing/ Services sectors.

Sr.No Coverage (Subjects/Topics)
Module 1
* Outbound Management Development Program (OMDP)
1 Principles of Management
2 Marketing Management
3 Marketing Research
4 Macro, Managerial Economics & Economic Environment of Business
5 Financial Cost & Management Accounting
6 Organizational Behaviour
7 Business Communication & Presentation Skills , etiquettes
Module 2
8 Financial Management including International Finance
9 Direct & Indirect Taxation
10 Mergers & Acquisitions
11 Business & Industrial Law
12 Statistics & Research Methodology
13 Consumer Buying Behaviour
14 Human Resource Management/ Compensation Policies/ Talent Management/ Understanding Customer Centricity w.r.t. Marketing & HR
15 Leadership Skills workshop
Module 3
16 Project Management
17 *Operations Management & Operations Research,
*Logistics & Supply Chain Management, TQM
18 Strategic Management
19 World Class Manufacturing & Throughout Improvement/ TQM
20 International Business
21 IT, E-Business and ERP
22 Differential Diagnosis
23 Negotiation Skills
24 Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution & Work Life Balance
25 Treasury Management
Other Activities
26 Live Project
Total Duration: 100 days (60 days of direct instruction classes and 40 days of self-study)

* Note: Specialisation modules are available after PGPMS at extra cost

Please contact us for further details


Star Performers Program


A major problem that is plaguing the industry today is one of retention. This is especially true for industries like IT, ITES, BPOs, Call Centers and many service industries linked with young talent. A major reason for talent to shift base from one company to another is the need to upgrade their skills and hence their market value. We realized that if this upgradation is given by the company itself, then it is very much possible to retain the talent within the company.

In consultation with our industry partners therefore, the Star Performers Program was conceptualized. This 6 day program has proved to be a great way of recognizing the efforts of star performers; works as a great tool to strengthen long term relationships between the employees and the organization and also enhances their growth and future performance.

Topic Duration
Current business environment & challenges faced by the sector, doing a SWOT analysis of the organization by the participants and drawing up an improvement plan for action 8 hrs (1 day)
Individual & group behaviour in an organization. Team member/team leader training, decision making & problem solving tools 8 hrs (1 day)
HRM, working with uncertainties & management of change, covering vision, motivation, planning and resources, skills, action plans, feedback on performance etc. 8 hrs (1 day)
Finance for non-finance executives, covering also proposals for contracts and risk management. 8 hrs (1 day)
Overview of services marketing and customer focus. 8 hrs (1 day)
Corporate strategy and scenario building. A peep into the future. Presentation for improvements and time bound action plans. 8 hrs (1 day)
Total = 48 hours (6 Days)
Note: We can further customise the program to client needs



Long Term Programs


Recent feedback from the industry revealed that there was a need for learning and upgrading amongst the junior/entry- level employees. In the absence of catering to this need, employee turnover was unusually high. It was noticed that learning and upgradation contributed a lot to the sense of security of each individual and that in turn resulted in controlling the turnover and turning up the productivity.

The solution was to devise long-term management programs that were a good mix of general management skills, plus specific inputs that were tailored to the domain in question. The clients responded to this idea heartily.

These management programs are of 60 days or 100 days duration depending on the need of the client and the availability of the employees.


Retail Programs


One of the domains that has undergone rapid expansion in the recent times has been Retail. The burgeoning growth of the industry has fuelled multiple challenges on the people - front. Getting good talent with retailing skill-sets is a very difficult task. Add to it the dynamic retail scenario which requires constant upgradation of the skill sets of the organization's existing employees. Keeping the current and future needs of the retailing industry in mind, a number of training programs across functional and operational levels have been designed, developed and conducted for:

  • Wills Lifestyle
  • BPL- Mobile
  • Carbon
  • Future Group
  • Vodaphone
  • Tata Teleservices Ltd.
  • Airtel (Bharti Teleservices Ltd)
In addition to the above, in order to meet the growing need of trained retail professionals Welingkar runs specially designed retail programs at both the Post Graduate and entry levels.


Short Term Programs


(Knowledge boosters for functional Vertical Domains) These programs are aimed at executive learning needs on specific specialized subjects in management. These programs look at taking the participants to a sufficient level of depth in terms of the subject. These programs are conducted by very senior faculties, who have command over the domain in terms of their knowledge and experience.

These programs include:

General Management

Senior Management

  • Business Strategy
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Environment Scanning & Scenario Building
  • Indian Economy - Past, Present, Future
  • Management Control System
  • Balanced- Score-Card
  • Corporate Governance
  • Art of Asking Right Questions
  • Effective Thinking
  • Art of Marketing Professional Services
  • Sales Techniques
  • 21 st Century Strategies
  • Winning Strategies
  • Lessons from Business Failures
  • Essence of Arth Shastra

Middle/Junior Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Management Consultancy Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Change Management
  • Managerial Effectiveness

  • Corporate Governance: Effectiveness & Accountability in the Boardroom
  • Governing Family Business
  • Overview of Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • Performance Evaluation through Ratio Analysis
  • Investment Decision, Cost of Capital, EVA,Corporate Governance
  • WCM, Classification of Cost, Preparation of Cost Sheet, Analysis of Semi-fixed Cost, Valuation of Inventory, Overhead Allocation & Absorption
  • Marginal Costing, Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis, Transfer Pricing
  • Sales Tax/Excise
  • Finance for Non-Finance Executives
  • Working Capital Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Laws
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Creating the Market Focused Organization
  • Creating and Managing Strategic Alliances
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Sales Force Incentive Planning: Compensating for Results
  • Pricing Strategies and Tactics
  • Market Access Strategies: Leveraging your Channels of Distribution
  • Managing New Product Development for Strategic Competitive Advantage
  • Business Marketing Strategy
  • Accelerating Sales Force Performance
  • Branding: Building, Leveraging and Rejuvenating your Brand
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy
  • Business Environment & Market Research
  • Marketing Principles, Marketing Strategies

Human Resources Management
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Employee Motivation
  • IR & Labour Laws
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Ethical Leadership for Executives

Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cost reduction through Value Engineering / Value Analysis

  • Kaizen, Japanese Management
  • Productivity Techniques
  • Total Productive Maintenance/TQM
  • Lean Office

World Class Manufacturing & Throughout Improvement
  • World Class Manufacturing -
  • Action Agenda World Class Manufacturing -
  • Performance Measures, Facilities Planning &
  • Role of Automation, Laws of Factory Physics,
  • Theory of Constraints

  International Programs: Learning from Beyond  

With a need to keep educational concepts and technology not just contemporary, but also benchmarkable with international standards, Welingkar has been aggressively forging tie-ups with International Universities of repute. A number of initiatives have resulted from these tie-ups including collaboration on full-time masters and undergraduate level programs, student exchange and faculty exchange programs. Through faculty exchange programs, we have made available to the industry a host of cutting edge international faculty, who are domain experts on various aspects of management. Some of the recently conducted programs by international faculty include:

  • A 2 day workshop on Making Financial Statements World Class by Prof. Suresh Govindraj - Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, USA
  • A 2 day workshop on International Marketing Strategy with Case Studies on Nike and Starbucks by Dr.Jeffrey-Edmund Curry - Freelance Professor, USA, Ex Professor at Audencia Nantes, France (Current Economic and Cultural Management Issues) & Prof. Paul Croney - Dean
  • Prof. George StoneHouse - Associate Dean, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK (Global and Transnational Strategic Management)
  • A 2 day workshop on Supply Chain Management by Dr. Sam Dzever - CASS Graduate School of International Management, Brussels, Belgium.
  • A 1 day program on Managing Brand and Customer for Profit by Dr. V. Kumar, Richard and Susan Lenny Distinguished Chair Professor of Marketing, Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Brand & Customer Management, and Director of the Ph.D. Program in Marketing, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • A 1 day workshop on Strategic Innovation Execution by Jatin Desai , Co-founder and CEO, The DeSai Group, USA


Broad Areas of Consultancy Services

  • Inventory and Materials Management/Materials Management Audit
  • Spare Parts Management
  • World Class Manufacturing
  • Total Quality Management/Kaizen
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Turnaround Strategies
  • Education/Study Material Preparation
  • Competency Mapping
  • Assessment Centre and Development Action Plans
  • Market Research/Sales Management
  • Systems and Information Technology
  • ISO- QMS System/Implementation
  • Technology and Automation
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Packaging Development
  • Project Management/Project Evaluation
  • HR/OB Areas
  • Professional Retailing
    • ..... and other areas in management

Outbound MDP



Management Development is an attempt to improve managerial effectiveness through a planned and deliberate learning process. The aim is thus to move from the concept of management to the art of managing. Many developmental activities today are aimed at reorganizing management structures and changing managerial attitudes and values towards a more unitary and participative system of working. These are often presented as a movement towards a more progressive, sophisticated and holistic framework for managing us and our situations. Outdoor management development can be extremely effective in today's dynamic corporate world which is in the midst of dramatic changes. Shifting priorities, greater degrees of uncertainty, resource constraints and changing value systems mark the current trends. Now-a-days success depends not only on problem solving but also on opportunity seeking and on effective utilization of contributions of people at all levels

Why Outdoors

The Welingkar Outdoor Management Program is based on the principles of experiential learning

"The act of learning is the result of reflection upon experience. Having an experience does not necessarily result in learning, one needs to reflect upon it. The purpose of learning is to gain something new and to put that new skill or information to the test of usefulness. In order to learn, one must be willing to risk exposing oneself to new things, and be willing to test the validity of old things in relation to the new, and be willing to form new conclusions. I believe that to adventure is to risk exposing oneself to an unknown outcome

Therefore, to learn is to venture into the unknown: to learn is to adventure!"

-King 1988.

WISE-Welingkar Study Group:

Women in Industry, Society and Economy

Welingkar invites women with the enthusiasm to study, grow constantly and the will to reach within themselves and realize their full potential to join the WISE Study Group.

The primary goal of WISE is to understand economic developments and their impact on society, family and individual.

The pedagogy followed will be news analysis to understand implications of the weekly developments. Topic of the Month will be identified for deeper insights, followed by guest speakers from the industry, where relevant.

The Group will meet once a week on Thursdays between 10.30 am and 1.30 p.m. at Welingkar Institute Campus in Matunga.

This program is especially useful for women directors on boards of corporates and SMEs

Some Management Development Programs Specially Developed for Corporates/Organisations

NIEV Bayer Management Development Program

NIEV is an 18-month program specially designed by WeSchool MDC for the Bayer Group aimed at growing their talent from within the organisation by enhancing the leadership, managerial competencies and effectiveness of their middle and senior management level employees by facilitating them to understand key management functions and acquire necessary knowledge/skills. The program is delivered by faculty from WeSchool MDC supported by subject matter experts from Bayer Group to relate the learnings to the participant’s workplace.

2 batches of the program have been successfully completed and 3rd batch is in progress.

Bayer Disha Executive Program in Management Studies (Sales/Marketing focussed program)

Disha is an 18-month modular distance and personal contact based program for the Bayer Group. It is designed for employees from sales and marketing function to enhance their knowledge of key management functions and managerial skills such as decision-making, communication/presentation etc.

The assessment of participants is by a combination of online and offline examinations which can be taken by participants at authorised centres across the country making this program accessible to employees located anywhere in India.

45 participants are going through the second batch of this program in October 2013.

Business Management Certificate Course for Indian Armed Forces (Ministry of Defence Resettlement Training Program)

This 24-week program is an initiative by the Directorate General Resettlement (DGR) wing of Defence Ministry, Government of India aimed at equipping Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and other ranks (OR) with basic knowledge and skills. to become re-employable in the public/private sector or, self employed after retiring from their current jobs in the armed forces.

WeSchool is currently conducting this specially designed program for 40 participants from Army, Navy and Air Force. The delivery of this program is very challenging given their diverse backgrounds and limited language skills/exposure to corporate businesses.

The main objective of the program is resettlement in PSUs/private organisations/entrepreneurships

Faculty Development Program for Institute of Chemical Technology (erstwhile UDCT) and VJTI, Mumbai

WeSchool MDC conducts faculty development programs and “Train-the-Trainer” programs to hone the training and managerial/administrative skills of faculty from various teaching institutes. One such program conducted recently was for the renowned Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) for their middle and senior level faculty.

This 7-day program for 19 faculty members of ICT was specifically developed to enhance the quality of their teaching and enable them become role models for students, develop confidence through better communication and presentation skills, build the institute’s brand equity and strengthen industry-academia interface. A similar program was also conducted earlier for the faculty of another iconic educational institution- VJTI, Mumbai